Frozen Alphonso Mango Pulp

Raje Frozen Alphonso Mango Pulp is an extract of fresh and high-quality mangoes. Frozen mango pulp is handled with hygiene to have the original flavor of mango. Sterile, natural, and clean conditioned packing ensures a guarantee or nutrition level. Our agro-food is always ready to serve you alright services at pretty market costs.

Frozen Alphonso Mango Slice

Raje Frozen Alphonso Mango Slices are high-quality mangoes that are cut proper under hygienic conditions. We are a leading enterprise to offer superior quality slices. Frozen mango slices are always with high nutrition values and freshness. We use high-quality packaging materials to keep the freshness, taste, and aroma intact.

Frozen Custard Apple Pulp

We are the leading company that offers the highest quality collection of custard apple pulp to our customers. We make 100 percent raw and pure fruit pulp without added sugar. Test laboratory reports are available on request. Custard apple pulp frozen is an alternative to products as it balances with the same diet.

Frozen Guava Pulp

Raje Foods is a premier supplier of frozen guava pulp. Ripe guava fruit is one of the highest sources of vitamin c and vital dietary fiber. It helps in achieving a healthy weight and nourishes the skin. The color and natural flavor of pink guava pulp are also available at a reasonable price.

Frozen Jamun Pulp

Raje food is a prominent supplier of frozen Jamun pulp. It has a sweet-sour taste. Jamun Pulp is one of nature’s finest fruits, which is a treatment for diabetic patients. Hence this is widely demanded in homes and hospitals. We also have personalized packaging for the benefit of our customers.

Frozen Sapota / chikku Pulp

Raje Frozen Chikoo Pulp is free from pesticides and procured from trustworthy farms. These fruits are famous in the market for their excellent freshness and malty flavor. It is also known as fresh sapota fruit and gives healthy living. We also take care to pack this fruit in a food-grade material

Frozen Papaya Pulp

Frozen papaya pulp is prepared from young, ripe papaya fruit and is free from any pathogenic bacteria. Our company provides fresh pulp for the customer’s never-ending demands. The yellow papaya pulp we sell is rich in nutrients and tastes delicious. Our trusted suppliers use technically advanced pulp processing mechanisms.

Frozen Strawberry Pulp

Raje Foods is a premier supplier and exporter of frozen strawberry pulp. The strawberry is a fruit that has a sweet flavor, distinct fragrance in the world. Fantastic quality analysis of pulp ensures its delicious savor. We are an organization to provide our patrons the best quality array of strawberry pulp.

Frozen Pomegranate Arils

Frozen Pomegranate Arils are a specific part of selected pomegranate fruits. Pomegranate is a round-shaped fruit with a thick outer skin ranging from pink to red. Here you probably don’t need to defrost the seeds. They washed again, sanitized, frozen, and packed in hygienic conditions. Enjoy its juicy flesh at the best cost.