Frozen Sweet Corn

Our agency has ranked a reputation for supplying clients a quality best frozen sweet corn. The Raje sweet corn is chosen from the finest green agro throughout the world. Its frozen while still clean with the use of an ultra-advanced individual quick freezing (iqf) technique. Our processed fresh corns are available now invarious packaging atvery normal costs.

Frozen Corn Cob

We provide a frozen corn cob in a variety of maize. This ear of corn offers vital vitamins, minerals required for health. Cooking corn on the cob is the end result of a natural procedure and is processed at our unit to make sure its authentic taste. It leads to highly growing demands for our products in the market.

Frozen Green Peas

Raje Frozen Green Peas are famous for their amazing taste, and they’re processed under hygienic conditions, you’ll eat them at any time. The frozen peas will add a stunning taste to your peas pulao, aloo matar, or matar paneer. Our clients can avail these vegetables at the foremost reasonable prices.

Frozen Baby Corn

Frozen baby corn is included in the corn plants family. This cereal grain is reaped when they are small in size and immature. What is baby corn is lovely answered as- first edible phase of maize. We are happy to announce reasonable cost with premier supply.

Frozen Mixed Vegetables

A packet of frozen mixed vegetables from Raje allows you to enjoy a small amount of cooking time after a long day’s work. The simple thing is to boil or fry them and use them in any recipe or desired dish. These aides save the vegetable with healthful substance and taste.

Frozen Broccoli

Frozen broccoli is available now throughout the year with quality. Use broccoli in soups, vegetables, and many more food preparations. Hygienic procedures provide you vital nutrients and long life. Broccoli frozen bag packing is fresh and one of the best offered in the market with budget pricing.
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