beverages product

Mango Juice

Raje mango juice is a real from tasty, superior quality mangoes. This mango juice can be packed in an automatic hygienic place to give you the best product. It is 100% fruit juice with no artificial ingredients, no added sugar. The drink is available now to enjoy “Asli Maza Aam Ka” in each season of the year.

Jeera Soda

Jeera Soda is a famous Indian soft drink that is come up with health benefits like a great digestive system. The key ingredients in jeera masala soda are digestive jeera or cumin seeds. Hence drink it in the evening or after your meals. We are here to provide refreshing soft drink, which became an instant hit in the market.

Lime Soda

Lime is an inorganic mineral containing calcium, hydroxide, or calcium hydroxide. Lime soda is a carbonated soft drink with lemon and lime flavoring that makes you savor every sip. Diet lemon-lime soda can also ease symptoms of indigestion. We are unique to provide our prestigious clients an exclusive range of diet lemon-lime soda.

Orange Soda

Orange soda is a form of carbonated orange crush and competes with Coca-Cola’s Fanta and Sunkist. This orange juice will raise your spirit and helping you to relax and enjoy each moment to the fullest. So, grab a orange soda bottle now, enjoy the fantastic orangery kick in every sip!

Plain Soda

Plain soda is simple water that has had carbonation added to it. It is a sodium-free plain sparkling water that is best healthy for everyone. Thanks to its great flavor, the commodity sold is always requested by our customers. Our inspection follows varied parameters of purity as per the set industry norms.


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